Your Checklist When Searching Wedding Venues in Philadelphia, PA

Checklist in Picking your Wedding Venue

Philadelphia Wedding VenueIf you have started the big venue search, you probably now know there are many questions that needed to be asked. For couples who want to exchange vows in banquet halls in Philadelphia PA, here is a checklist for you.

Does the venue have enough seating capacity for your guests? It is either you pick the room first and control the number of guests, or count the guests and choose a venue. Make sure the size of the wedding venue is enough not just for the guest but also for the photographers and entertainers.

Is your wedding date free? If the answer is NO, proceed with other potential wedding venues on your list. The first two questions are common and basic, but here are other questions for big and small issues to be ironed out. Check for mayor events in town.


      • Are the rooms available licensed for wedding ceremonies?
      • Is there a different room for a reception?
      • Or, can the room be eventually converted to a reception after the ceremony?
      • Is the photography Chicago included?

Food and Drinks

      • Must I choose your vendors for catering and flowers, or my own?
      • Is there a complimentary food and drink tasting included?
      • Do you charge a corkage fee?
      • Are there extra charges for staffs like waiters and bars?
      • Do you cater dietary requirements for vegetarians? (optional)


      • What is provided in the package (linen, cutlery, carpets)?
      • Do I have an option for the types, sizes and shapes of tables to use?
      • Are there decorations on the tables or chairs, like the flowers, centerpieces?
      • Can I make changes on the decoration to suit everything for my wedding theme, or I must leave everything as is?

These are only few and simple yet important questions to inquire from your potential wedding venues in Philadelphia, PA. Not all of these may be necessary for your wedding plans, but they are worth asking to ensure you have a complete picture of what you will get before committing a large amount of money.

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