Wide Array of Designs for Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

Delicious Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

wedding cupcakeAmong the alternative that you can use for your wedding cake are cupcakes. These are ideal for all kind of weddings and are suggested by many wedding planners. Wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX are much easier to serve since you do not need to prepare small plats or knives to your guests. Cupcakes are wrapped in cute paper cups which allow it to be served easier.

Nowadays, there is a wide array of designs that you can choose for your cupcakes. You need to make sure that the details and decorations will suit the theme of your wedding. Here are some of the designs that you can choose to have for your wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX.

Flag – You can choose to place small decorative paper into the top of your cupcakes. You can cut the flags into small assorted shapes like square or circle. You can make the flag more interesting by adding monograms on it. Use toothpick to attach the flags and stick it into the top of the cupcakes.

Monogram – Monogram is one of most common designs that are used for wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX. In order to do this, you first need to decorate the cupcake with icing then place the monogram afterwards. To make monograms, you can use fondants that are shaped in hearts or circles.

Flowers – There are many kinds of flowers that you can use like those cupcakes that you can find in 3brothersbakery.com/Cupcakes. Decorating cupcakes with the use of fondant flowers can be done in two ways. The first step is to create large fondant flowers that will cover the top of the cupcakes. Second, you can also create small fondant flowers to cover the side of the cupcakes.

These are just some of the designs that you can use. If you want to be more creative, you can always look online for some ideas. Ask your local bakery about the ideal decoration and designs that you can use to make your cupcake standout.

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