Wedding Dress Glossary Brides Should Be Familiar With

Glossary of Wedding Dresses

weddingIn order to start the wedding dress shopping stage, there is one thing that a bride should always be familiar with—the glossary of wedding dresses. The dress hunting stage usually eats up a lot of time if the bride has no idea what kind of dress she is going to wear.

To help you along the process, here is a list of silhouettes that you will surely meet while shopping for the bridal dress:

Column dresses: If you want to assimilate a Grecian Goddess style in your wedding day, this dress is what you need. The main feature of this dress is being fit from waist to hips. To complete the look, it is characterized with straight skirt that explodes down to the floor.

Mermaid: Since this outfit hugs all of your curves, it is considered as the sexiest dress. It is easy to determine whether the dress is in mermaid silhouette due to its tight bodice; its tightness continues through waist, hips and knees. Its skirt only flares out when the tightness reaches the knee.  

Ballgown: If you are aiming for a formal look, ballgowns are the safest options. This dress is known for its tight bodice until the waist. Right below the waist, the skirt in voluminous form flares out. Stylists would usually refer to this gown as princess dress.

A-line: If there is a dress that suits almost all types of body figure, it is the A-line dress. In fact, this dress is the most popular so it is always part of bridal shops’ catalogue of dresses. It is characterized with gently flaring skirt and fitted bodice.  

The style of the dress will not be completed without carefully selecting the material. Here is a list of materials that you can choose for the bridal look:

Organza: Not all types of fabric can hang nicely. Organza on the other hand has a characteristic that no other fabric has. It can be shaped based on your desired style since it is stiffer and heavier.

Taffeta: In order to achieve a voluminous skirt, use taffeta as it is also stiff. When you move, the fabric rustles thus creating unique style and impression.

Satin: If you have penchant with shiny and smooth fabric, this is the best consideration that you got. This type of fabric is a product of polyester or silk.

In planning a wedding, the choices for wedding dresses can be so overwhelming if you have no idea what to pick. A smart bride will always do her research before entering this emotionally charged stage. The last thing that you need to worry about is getting depressed because you can’t decide which dress to pick from the catalogue.

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