Why Wedding Couples in Houston, TX Enroll for Salsa Dance Lessons

Salsa Dance Lessons for Weddings

salsa-dance1The newlywed’s first dance will never be missed at the wedding planning. Whether it is a traditional or a modern wedding celebration with lots or few guests in attendance, the wedding dance of the couple as husband and wife will always be part of the wedding program. It is a tradition in wedding celebrations that has never been broken, but been modified or transformed into something more interesting.

If you are one of the some couples who prefer showcasing a different wedding dance at the reception, you might want to consider enrolling in wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX. Ballroom dancing is the popular wedding dance style followed by many couples. The waltz is probably the favorite because it is the classic and it’s fast, considering the 3/4 rhythm. The couple will have to follow smooth and the 3 or 6 count patterns. Aside from waltz, there is salsa.

For those who are not that familiar with the Latin dance salsa, it has become popular in the 70’s. It is not that commonly chosen or suggested for wedding first dance. Well probably because it’s sensual and fast paced that requires the call to practice months ahead before the wedding day. However, salsa wedding dance is an exciting choice. The number of weeks or months that you need to spend together practicing the salsa will contribute a lot to your relationship, which are the reasons why many couples choose salsa.

Salsa dancing can help you and your partner in boosting your confidence. If you both love dancing but having issues and insecurities that other couples have danced perfectly during their wedding, this is the chance for you to learn and improve. You get to meet new people who are also into salsa dancing, if you are enrolling in a group dance lesson.

Salsa is a diverse ballroom dance. It is a Latin dance, but it does not necessarily mean only Latinas and Mexicans can dance salsa. They may be better salsa dancers, but it should not make you feel bad and change your mind not to pick salsa as your first wedding dance.  

Salsa will make you feel sexy. As mentioned earlier, this ballroom dance is sensual but fast paced. This is one reason why couples choose salsa for their wedding dance because it expresses their sensual side. When you enroll in wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, you will both have fun in exploring your creative and sensual side.

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