Types of Wedding Cheesecake Servings in Houston, TX

Types of Delectable Cheesecakes

Cheesecake for WeddingWedding planning includes wedding desserts, it is crucial that you plan ahead of time. Wedding cakes are typically prepared sweet, which sounds like a dessert already, that’s why some wedding couples no longer serve other desserts than their wedding cake. On the other hand, traditional wedding cakes are not just the type of some couples. Instead they look for bakers of wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX to serve for their guests. Here are different and sweet ways to serve the best cheesecake in Houston to your guests.

Put up a cheesecake bar – guests would love the idea of making their own cheesecake if you have a cheesecake bar. Serve plain cheesecakes in jars or in cupcake sizes and let them choose from different berries, syrups and other toppings.

Serve mini cheesecakes – your delicious sweet treats can also be served in miniature form. Ask your baker if they can prepare them in personalized sizes. Also, serving mini cheesecakes is a great way to serve them in your favorite flavors. This is also ideal for wedding favor.

Place cheesecakes as table centerpieces – cheesecakes are simple to prepare, so if you will be baking the cheesecakes instead of ordering it from your local baker, you can let your guests serve themselves after the wedding dinner by placing a plate for each table. Serve different slices with different flavors for each table to give them flexible options.

Lolli-cheesecakes – yes there lolli cheesecakes now, in addition to your favorite lolli cakes or cake pops. This will never be out of style and still one of the sweet ways to serve your sweet treats to your guests. You can serve the lolli cheesecakes during the cocktail hour or after dinner before the cake cutting. Otherwise, you can send them home a couple of cheesecake pops as your favors.

It does not matter if you go for the traditional cake or order wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX. Make sure you rounded up your dessert and serve them in different ways that your guests will surely enjoy.

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