Types of Swing Dance Lessons in Houston, TX Perfect for Weddings

Types of Swing Wedding Dance

Have you prepared your wedding vows? Did you have someone check it if it’s cheesy or lacks some romance? These are little details in weddings but it’s good to take it into consideration, after all everyone wants only the best for their wedding. How about your first wedding dance? Did you and your partner start practicing the dance steps, if you are planning to present a choreographed dance?

For some time ago, first wedding dance videos trended because it was not the traditional choreographed dance. The couples instead danced to pop, rock and upbeat songs that are highly in demand and requested in radio stations. Of course it got every guest jumping to their feet and dance along with the couple. Well that is ideal for informal wedding celebrations. If you want a traditional and formal wedding dance, it is suggested to visit studios and enroll for wedding swing dance lessons in Houston, TX.

There are plenty of dance studios in Houston, and mostly offer ballroom dance lessons, like swing. If you both want to improve and showcase your dancing skills in the dance floor on the day of your wedding, this is a great opportunity. Now you need to make up your mind what type of swing dance to learn, as there are different types and it really helps if you choose just one before the lesson starts.

Today, there are six types of swing dances. It’s possible to dance all six swing dance on your wedding day, but would you spend all the weeks and months before your wedding practicing and learning the dance steps for six types of swing dance? The most popular and the common type, danced by many swing dancers today, is called the east coast swing. It is a fun type of swing dance, unlike the second type west coast swing, which is slower, but still a fun dance.

If you are looking for something to entertain your guests, the third type called Jitterbug is probably something you will like. This is bouncy and involves the lady to be picked and swung onto the gentleman’s hip or crossing between his legs. This is a fun type and perfect for those couples who want something with acrobatic stunts.

For couples with lots of energy in the dance floor, jive is the fourth type of swing dance. It is fast pace, pumping, and one of the dances which ballroom dancers compete internationally. Other types of swing dances include Lindy Hop, which is a fusion of jazz, tap and Charleston dances, and Carolina Shag, which was originally danced to beach music in South and North Carolina.

There are many types of swing dances right? Now it will be easy if you visit a studio and inquire about wedding swing dance lessons in Houston, TX. The dance instructors will be there to help you in achieving your dream wedding dance.

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