Trendy Yet Inexpensive Ways of Wedding Catering in Oakland, CA

Stylish But Economical Bridal Catering

In planning for a wedding, you are well aware that food plays a big part on your big event. Most couples try to keep it simple while others are really spending most of their fortune. Getting wedding catering in Oakland, CA does not mean you will empty your bank savings. There are a number of ways to serve affordable yet trendy main dishes to your guests.

Wedding Catering ServicesHere is a list of trendy-affordable food that you can integrate on your event:

Switching banquet to a family dinner

Wedding banquets are really expensive especially if it is being held during dinnertime. Try to switch to a family dinner style wherein most of the food being served by caterers Oakland has home cooked vibe. For sure, your guests will really feel satisfied as most home cooked foods are far delicious than the mass produced catering dishes.

Binge on meatballs

One smart way to make your guests enjoy is serving meatballs. Since 2013, meatballs are seen as the main attraction of a wedding catering. It could be eaten in so many ways; it could be paired with bread, pasta, and can be served as finger snacks—plus they are cost efficient. They may look messy but they are super delicious.

Bring out the food trucks

If your wedding reception is held outdoors, pick this type of catering setup. It brings the fun to your wedding as the guests are lining up for burgers and pizzas. You can also serve cold beers, wine and even delectable scoops of ice-cream.

Cost efficient yet trendy wedding catering in Oakland, CA will help you balance your overall budget. You don’t need to break the bank just to serve delicious meals; all you need to do is be creative.

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