Top Choices of Honeymoon Destination Getaway from Wedding Couples

Wedding Honeymoon Getaway

honeymoon destinationAfter the wedding day, it is time for the newlywed couples to spend some time together away from home. Wedding honeymoon can be in any location you want to be. You have plenty of options, from beaches, mountains, snowy countries, Asian fusion or in the wild. If it was a challenge to plan your wedding, so is your honeymoon.

It is necessary that your wedding honeymoon getaway must be according to what you both want to experience. For instance, you are into something thrilling or exploring, you choose countries in Southern Africa or go white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon. There are more places where you can both spend some intimate time together.

If you are both beach bums and thrilled with tropical fish, turquoise water and fine white sand, you can book somewhere in Honolulu, Hawaii. The place is indeed incredible and that’s enough reason why many couples have chosen to spend their romantic moments here. You can release all your post-wedding stress by staying at one of the private beachfront cabanas. When Hawaii sounds like expensive to you, you can have a budgeted romantic honeymoon getaway instead in Sayulita, Mexico. You can also enjoy whale watching or sip fresh fruit juices under the palm trees.

Thrill seeking couples can get their adrenaline-fueled when visiting Africa. Wild-animal sighting can be experienced in different countries around Africa, like Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa. The continent is quintessential when you want to have personal encounter with wild animals. You can have excursions to watch herd of elephants, pack of lions and tigers or set up a tent to get even close with nature. There are luxurious accommodations from different wildlife parks and hotels, complete with butler service and wildlife walks.

Definitely a blowout experience for wedding couples is to visit Antarctica. Just make sure you celebrate your marriage with caution, especially when you take off the beaten path. You will definitely love your thrilling honeymoon experience once you sight wales and get to hang out with penguins.

These are only a few of the top choices of many couples for their honeymoon destination. It is vital to choose a place where you will both enjoy and celebrate the start of your marriage in any way you want.

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