Top 5 Weirdest Wedding Cakes in Austin TX

Weirdest Wedding Cakes

It is nice to take a delicious bite in one of the weirdest wedding cakes made in Austin TX. These wedding cakes have reached a different level of peculiarity with the aim to entertain and delight the couple and the guests. These weird wedding cakes in Austin TX have interesting features that you will never find in usual wedding cakes. Great and fun weddings in Austin TX like to incorporate these kinds of wedding cakes so if you are planning to have one, take some ideas in the delectable wedding cakes with a weird look.

Amethyst Cake

This kind of cake was made for jewelry and gemstone lovers who would like to make something special for their wedding cake. It is only a one layer silver wedding cakes topped with amethyst spikes and the paired wedding ring became the toppings. It is a weird looking cake but surprisingly delicious with its red velvet and raspberry flavors.

Webcomic XKCD Cake

This internet comic inspired wedding cake is a three layered cake with math problems answered by hearts surrounding the cake. It has a very in common cake topping which was stick drawing figures of two lovers holding hands and bleeding.

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

Inspired by the most gory TV series in HBO, the GOT wedding cake is composed of the two cut heads of the groom and bride intricately shaped and covered with fondant. The blood effects of the cake is surprisingly delicious red strawberry syrup.

Starwars Wedding Cake

For more geeks in love, this weird Starwars wedding cake made is filled with mini robots and glowing Jedai swords.

Career Inspired Wedding Cakes

When a doctor falls in love with a nurse, or a fireman with a teacher, or even a policeman with a lawyer, they all make cakes showing their professions. They make miniatures of themselves in uniforms and creatively incorporates them in the cake for their wedding or in any occasion.

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