Three Brothers Bakery in Houston – Tips in Ordering Amazing wedding cakes

How to Get an Amazing Wedding Cakes

Delicious Wedding CakesWhen planning for the wedding day celebrations, the bride and the groom have many things to decide on. One of the most exciting things that couples need to decide on is the choice of the wedding cake. Amazing wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texasare one of the sought-after wedding cakes today.

Nonetheless, picking the perfect wedding cakes in Houston for your big day can be a tiresome process. There is actually a lot more to do than what you think.

Here are tips in choosing the most amazing wedding cakes for your big day.

Number of Guests

First, know how big your wedding will be. How many guests will you be having in your wedding? Obviously, the bigger the celebration is, the bigger your wedding cake should be. If you want an intimate wedding ceremony, you can opt for a single-layered cake. In other words, it would be impractical to order a big cake when you only have few guests.

Know the Design

Second, if you want a design on your cake that reflect your personality and style, make sure to visit the bakery beforehand. The ideal way to do is by visiting your local bakery or the amazing wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas at least 2 months before your wedding day.This way, you will have an ample amount of time to discuss the details that you want to have for your cake and the exact date of the delivery.

Specify the Structure

Lastly, determine the structure of the wedding cake. After knowing the number of guests and the details of your cake, it is now time to know the actual structure of the cake. This is important because the design and structure affect the logistics that would be employes. Single tiered cakes are easy to transport while three or more tiered cakes make require pillars or specific stands.

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