The Mesmerizing Beauty of Los Angeles, CA Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

engagement ringsPlanning a wedding require a lot of effort including choosing rings. If you’re looking for captivating engagement rings Los Angeles, Asscher engagement rings should be your top choice. This design is a resurgence of the trend during the Art Deco period and has been popularly increasing over the years.

Find out below the characteristics of Asscher cut engagement rings, the pros and cons of the cut and how to shop for a stunning piece of this wedding jewelry.

2 Types of Asscher cuts

There are two popular Asscher cuts that are available in most jewelry shops these days. One is the standard cut which was created and patented by Joseph Asscher. Another is the Royal Asscher which was created by Edward and Joop Asscher. The former is an Asscher cut that has 58 facets that displays a breathtaking brilliance and flash. The latter was designed with 75 facets which results to an even stunning fire and flash.

Pros and Cons

Wearing an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring has several benefits. For one, this ring is absolutely a statement-maker and irresistible to behold. This cut is practically telling you to “Look at me and be mesmerized!” Its breathtaking fire and flash are also very difficult to ignore.

The major con, however, of Asscher cut engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA is that it would take an exceptional piece of diamond to create its perfect symmetry. Because of its intricate cut, its inclusions and blemishes (if there is any) will be highlighted. Moreover, this cut is extremely precise which means that it can only be made by a highly skilled jeweler.

Buying Asscher cut rings

Because Asscher cut rings are patented, you can only find an authentic Asscher cut ring from stores and jewelers that sell certified diamond rings and jewelleries. Look for a jeweler in your area that offers these timeless and elegant pieces and always ask for a certification from gemological laboratories every time you purchase any jewelry with a diamond.

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