Summer Outdoor Wedding Food Ideas from Wedding Catering in Colorado Springs

Summer Wedding Food and Drinks

catering2Summer wedding is considered as festive and most romantic wedding celebration compare to other seasons. Outdoor wedding is ideal during this time of year. One of the best things that summer could offer you is that, your wedding can be simple and fresh and don’t need a lot of decoration because the natural beauty of mother nature is already perfect to create romantic mood. Together with the simple wedding theme, the food ideas for summer wedding should also be simple and fresh yet elegant. Another advantage of having a summer wedding is that there are a lot of fresh fruits can be bought in the supermarket and farmer’s market to serve for the wedding catering in Colorado Springs, CO.  You can also serve veggies because it is abundant during summer season. However, the key here is to have wedding planning in advance.

Bubbly Citrus Punch

If it’s your first time to make a champagne-based punch, you may refer to online recipes for this. Such drink can keep your guests cool against the hot weather. You can add other liquor in the punch such as brandy and add fresh sugar fruits to the punch bowl. To make the punch look delicious you can add frozen fruits like pineapple, lime, orange, strawberries, cherries and a lot more. Avoid putting ice cubes direct to the punch bowl because it may ruin the taste of the drink as it melts very fast. You can put a bucket of ice beside the punch bowl or set your bowl in a large container of ice to keep the drink cool.

Tea and Sandwiches

Another drink that is perfect for summer wedding that is commonly served by wedding catering in Colorado Springs, CO is the tea and paired it with delicious homemade sandwiches. This food and drink is ideal for early afternoon or evening wedding. If in case the wedding will take place during morning you can serve ice tea instead of hot tea. To make the sandwiches look interesting and appealing you can use cookie cutters to create unusual shapes of the sandwich. There are a lot of choices for filling such as cream cheese with cucumber, smoke salmon with tomatoes and mayonnaise, cheese pimento and a lot more. To make the sandwiches healthier you can use wheat bread or rye. Use silver tray to make it more elegant and luxurious. You can also serve bite size puff for interesting texture.

Finger Foods and Crudités

These types of foods are perfect for snack or cocktail hour. A typical sandwich can turn into fabulous bite size food by cutting it into interesting shapes. You can also serve freshly cut veggies and fruits for Crudités with you favorite deep like honey mustard, cream cheese or sour cream.

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