Solutions for Wedding Photography in a Low Light in Las Vegas NV

Low Light Wedding Photography Solution

Not all wedding venues have ample lighting or illuminated properly. This could be the venue’s certain lighting design or as requested by the couples to have the lights dimmed or in low light setting. On the other hand, photographers face a challenge to have a wedding photography in a low light in Las Vegas NV. Many wedding photographers can capture stunning wedding images during daylight, but not all of them can do the same for low light instances.

Low light issues in photography is usually challenging when the wedding will be held indoors and the lighting is terrible, at the same time you are not allowed to use your flash. That is indeed a dilemma for many wedding photographer Las Vegas NV to learn that the camera flashes cannot be used.

When you encounter a low light wedding photography, find the spot with the best light source. As much as possible, make your objects move into the light source. Yet, when the subject is quite far from the light source, it is time to move to the next solution.

Use your prime lenses for wedding photography. Your prime lenses will surely have the widest apertures, best bokeh and highest depth-of-field.  When in poorly lit locations or venues, reduce the lens aperture to f/stop1.8 to 1.4. You will get better results on your captured images.

Aside from reducing the aperture of your lenses, try to increase the ISO of your camera too. You will get more light into the sensor of the camera. Prior to setting the ISO to the highest degree, know well how your camera performs and the effects on the images.

The most effective solution to ensure your wedding photography in a low light in Las Vegas NV will be successful is to use a tripod. Your hands can be shaky and if the image stabilization lenses are not helpful to you, it is important to bring it with you.

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