Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Good Question to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding is probably going to be the most special (and expensive) event in your life. You and your bride or groom will want everything to go smoothly and without the minor disasters that usually accompany such big events.

Among the most critical decisions you are going to make in the planning is choosing and hiring a suitable wedding caterer. Factors that will come into play will include the atmosphere you desire, how many wedding guests will be coming, where your wedding is held and of course the budget that is available to you.

With the help of, a catering company in Sydney, we have prepared a list of questions that you should ask your potential wedding caterers.

    1. Are you available on that date?

This should be the first question that you ask your caterer. You want to ensure that they will be available on the date of your wedding, if not all the discussion would have been for naught.

    1. Knowing my budget, what style of wedding do you think would be suitable for me? What is the cost per pax?

Before you go and interview the caterer, will need to know how many guests you are going to invite. Charges for weddings are usually on a per-person basis. Wedding caterers will typically give you a deadline for confirming with them the total number of wedding guests. Also, ask them if the cost per pax differs between a buffet catering and a sit-down dinner.

    1. What cuisines do you specialize in? Will it fit with the style of my wedding? Can I include my own recipes to your menu?

The food should be in line with the style of your wedding. Do you want finger foods or a sit down dinner? Italian or Asian cuisine? What type of cold finger foods would go well with your theme? As for the recipe, it is not unusual for wedding couples to want to include a dish that has sentimental value for them and ask the caterers to add them to the menu.

    1. Are all the prices included in the quotation?

This is where most couples trip up. They assume that all the costs have been factored into the caterer’s quotation. This might not be the case. Some caterers will not include costs such as wait staff costs, equipment rental, cutlery, service charges and tax into their quotation. This makes the final price seem much lower than it really is. It is important that you ask them to include it so that you can properly compare prices among the various caterers. Be sure to also request for details on the individual charges.

    1. Who is the person-in-charge for my wedding event?

You will definitely want to meet with the person or persons who are responsible for the success of your wedding. It is something that you should definitely insist on. You want to be able to measure them and trust that they will be able to do the job that they are being paid to do.

    1. How much is the deposit to confirm the date?

Your date is only confirmed when you pay the deposit, so you will need to know how much it is. Ensure that you receive a contract with all your terms included in detail.

Written by Jeff Sydney

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