Proven Strategies to Negotiating with Wedding Venues in Charlotte, NC

What are the Strategies that You Need to Know on Venues?

Not only is finding a wedding venue in Charlotte, NC the biggest decision you will make for your events, but it is also usually the biggest line item expense in your event budget. So it’s critical that you know all the tips and tricks for negotiating with event venues and hotels during wedding planning. Note that you should approach venues with the understanding that everything is negotiable. Never accept the first price you are given, and never sign a contract until you have read all the fine print and are comfortable with what is on paper. So without further ado here are some proven strategies that you need to know:

Wedding VenueStart with your 4 big requirements

At minimum, the four pieces of information that are most critical in starting Charlotte venues negotiations are: budget, event dates, head count and space requirements. Of course if you are working up a comprehensive event to send to prospective event venues, you will include more requirements than these four, but often these are enough to get negotiations started.

Be realistic about your head count

Don’t estimate high when it comes to your head count. A high head count will lead to a high estimate for food and beverage and a larger reserved room block, and since most hotels will ask for minimums for both of these, you don’t want to lock yourself into guaranteeing a high minimum spend for catering and rooms.

Provide clear timelines and expectations

There have been some event that lead times shorten dramatically in the last 5-6 years, and as event turnaround times get shorter, you may have less time to negotiate. So when you start the process, provide the venue with a timeline that includes the date when you need a proposal; when you will provide a counter-proposal or feedback; and your target date for signing a contract with a venue. This makes your timeline and intentions clear to all parties from the start.

Get quotes from multiple venues

Even if you already know the venue you want to use, get multiple quotes from comparable venues so you can compare costs and make sure you are getting a good value. In addition, you can use negotiations with one venue to drive the costs down with another venue by playing them against each other.

Don’t be pressured by sales tactics

Once you have set your budget and your schedule for booking a wedding venue in Charlotte, NC, you should not let any sales ploys move you off course. Often venues will say that they have another party that is interested in booking the same space as you for the same time period. Or that their special pricing will expire after a certain day. Or that they don’t typically lower their prices because they have a premium venue that is in high demand.

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