Popular Flowers to Order from Sacramento, CA Wedding Florists

Ordering Wedding Flowers from Florists

bouquetCan you imagine your wedding without flowers? Most probably not! Your wedding day is the culmination of style and decors, and flowers are one of the many natural aesthetics that you can add. Before you can pick which flower to be used for the decors, there is a need to always consult one of the wedding florists in Sacramento, CA.

Each season boots different types of flowers. With the help of the florist, you can be able to choose wisely. There are so many questions when it comes to the selection of flowers. One of this is “which type of flower to be used for the wedding decors?” According to professional florists, the trending flowers for wedding are:

Tulip: If you need elegant variety of colors for your wedding, tulip can be a great choice. This flower is originally from Persia but has become popular in wedding events. It can be availed in wide array of colors like purple, red, magenta, peach, yellow, pink, creams and white. The reason why tulips are really popular is because of their availability—it can be bought from flower shops almost all year.

Roses: When you talk about roses, they always symbolize love, beauty and romance. If there is a flower that should not go missing in the floral arrangement during wedding ceremonies and receptions, it is the rose. Roses can be boring sometimes, but its variety of colors can bring joy to everyone’s eyes. It can be availed in different colors, from solid to bi-colors. There are some special roses that are striped. This type of flower never runs out of supply since it is widely produced for commercial purpose. Currently, you can pick from top three roses such as hybrid tea rose, spray rose and garden rose. Additional info about the florists and flowers.

Calla lily: In the language of flowers, calla lily means “magnificent beauty” as it is both unique and elegant. The selection for calla lily will always depend on how tall the flower arrangement is. For mini arrangement like boutonnieres and nosegays, miniature lily is perfect. On the other hand, tall arrangement will require lily with large heads.

Hydrangeas: This species in the language of flowers is labeled as “vanity” due to its bushy and intense colors such as purple, burgundy, blue and pink. Hydrangeas’ color is changing depending on the soil’s acid level. If you want to achieve a bouquet that looks fuller, this is a perfect flower to pick.

With the assistance of wedding florists in Sacramento, CA, you don’t need to tackle many variables by yourself. Moreover, you won’t be stressed in dealing with commonplace flowers, rarest, colorful, fragrant, and unscented and many more.

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