Non-traditional Engagement Rings in Raleigh

Ruby Engagement Rings

Diamond is commonly used for wedding and engagement rings in Raleigh, NC. Over the years such ring gained popularity not only to wealthy couples but even in middle earner class. However, there is one gemstone that catches the heart of many brides to be. Ruby engagement ring is very uncommon to everyone; even if they’ve been around for quite sometimes they still need a lot of attention. The bloody red color of this engagement ring makes it more special and eye catching. There are a lot of Hollywood celebrities lately who wore this kind of engagement ring.

If diamond symbolized eternity and strength, ruby always associate with love, marriage, balance and loyalty. This type of gemstone is also perfect for wedding ring. It can be found in several the engagement ring store Raleigh. Diamonds and ruby is a good combination in rings, they symbolize both eternity and love, something that every couple want to have. The trend of ruby is not new. They become in demand after the 1840 when the diamonds become accessible to everybody because of the opening of diamond mine in South Africa.

It was said that women who opted for ruby engagement rings in Raleigh, NC are highly passionate about life and has deep affection to their partner. Clarity is also important for ruby, the deeper and clearer the gemstone the more valuable it is. The heart shape rubies are ideal for romantic women. It is like a fire that kindles the desire of heart.

When wearing ruby it is crucial that you match and complement other bridal jewelries to it. Bear in mind that ruby rings are attention seeker. They are recognizable even if the gemstone is small. White gold and silver is ideal metal for ruby however yellow and rose gold is very much welcome.

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