International Engagement Rings and Wedding Ring Designs in San Diego, CA

Wedding and Engagement Rings from Around the World

Planning your wedding need to undergo a lot of details including choosing the right rings. Due to high demand of wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA jewelry producers tend to mass produce same style and designs. Such thing may cause a little problem for couples who want their ring to be unique. This article will give you examples of rings that are common to other countries yet uncommon in America. These rings can be the good option to those who want to achieve rings with different approach.

French Rings

engagement ringWho don’t love French culture? It was said that France offer romantic places to propose and get married. This country also offers ring that will surely fit to couple who want to be unique. In this part of world the most common celebrated pattern for the wedding couples is the three interwoven rings or individual bands. The meaning of this design in French culture is love, faith and hope. It doesn’t matter if the ring is interwoven or separated from each other the meaning remains the same, click here.

Irish Ring

Another perfect ring for San Diego wedding bands is the Irish rings. Ireland is famous for their fine jewelries with amazing details. It was said that the Claddagh wedding ring is one of the oldest designs that is still in existence today, its metalworking is incredible. The ring is the reflection of why people get married. It also symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty. The first Claddagh wedding ring was originally designed by Richard Joyce. The ring is perfect way to put empowerment into your marriage because it tells how marriage built on friendship.

Turkish Puzzle Ring

For more exotic and unique look Turkish rings are highly recommended. Unlike those puzzle wedding and engagement ring in San Diego, CA this type of puzzle ring dates before the birth of Christ which means that it has significant cultural background. This type of ring is older than those Mayan ruins. The story behind its origin may not be as romantic as you think but surely it will fascinate your fiancée. This ring is not common in America; therefore those brides-to-be will stand out among other brides. It is a symbol of lasting loyalty and solidarity.

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