Ideal Designs for Fresh Cookies as Gift for A Wedding Ceremony in Houston TX

Fresh Cookies Designs As Wedding Gifts

Thinking about a wedding gift would be a difficult brainstorming process to do. There are a lot of gifts you could think of but on this very special day, it is not easy to find the right one that the couple would really remember. Fresh cookies as a gift on the wedding ceremony in Houston TX would be one of the most unique gifts you would consider. Cookies are sweet gifts that are usually given on other occasions so why not on a special wedding day?

wedding cookiesFresh cookies as a gift on the wedding ceremony in Houston TX should have different designs to make it look enticing and memorable for the couple. You can request for a special design on a bakery or simply make it as a homemade cookie with interesting designs.

The shape of the heart is common so it could be highlighted with sprinkles, chocolate or vanilla that will add color to the cookies. Food coloring could also be used but make sure it would be creative as possible. Make use of dark and white chocolate for he flavor and design.

The letters of the groom and bride’s names are also a creative idea to make use. Spell out their names or spell out the word “love”. Make it as beautiful as you can until it reaches the point of being too beautiful to eat.

Another great design would be the figure of the bride and groom kissing. You may combine all of these designs together and you will give the most fascinating and enticing gift on a special wedding day.

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