How to to Make Your Short Hair Grow Fast Before Your Big Day?

Tips for a Long, Shiny and Wavy Hair Look

t’s a bride’s worst nightmare: A week after you’ve worked up the courage to get that trendy look you’ve been wanting, your boyfriend (now fiancé) proposes. And while you may love your short cut, but you’ve always envisioned long, beautiful waves on your wedding day. If extensions aren’t in the budget and time isn’t on your side, here are some tips that will help your hair grow back fast for your wedding.

Don’t trim your hair every month

Contrary to what you’ve always heard, constant trimming isn’t great for your hair, but neither is ignoring it completely. Your hair grows a half an inch every month and you don’t want to be cutting off all that progress. At the same time, a split end can travel up the hair shaft causing your hair to break off, which isn’t good either. The solution: Give your hair a slight trim every three months to cut away dead ends without stunting growth.

All About WeddingBe gentle

Be kind to your hair! Avoid harsh chemicals and limit the amount of times you shampoo to two or three times a week. Cleansing your hair too often can strip your strands of natural oils, making hair more prone to breakage. You can avoid oily roots by brushing your hair a few times a day with a natural bristle brush—it distributes oils down the hair shaft and helps you fight the temptation to wash.

Avoid the elements

Summer can wreak havoc on your poor locks. Exposure to UV rays from the sun can strip hair down and cause damage over time, while salt water and and chlorine can dry hair out, making it brittle. Always wear a hat outside and rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after a quick dip in the ocean or pool.

Go heat-free

You may think that blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons keep frizz away, but in reality they are frying your strands and causing more frizz. Let your hair air dry whenever possible for healthier locks, but don’t brush or sleep with wet hair: Damp strands are more susceptible to damage. Instead, detangle damp hair with a wide-tooth comb and gently squeeze excess water out with an old T-shirt for a less-rough approach.

Drink lots of water and eat right

The best way to keep your hair moisturized and healthy is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps push toxins out of your body and promotes hair growth. Eating more fruits and veggies will also strengthen your hair strands from the inside-out.

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