How to Have a Beautiful Last Minute Wedding with These Ideas?

Tips in Doing the Last Minute Wedding Memorable

All About WeddingIf you want your wedding to be over in a few months, (which is not the enough time for a wedding planning) you should be able to pull off the bits in a wide range of arrangements that need to be made. There are so many options that you might want to consider when you are getting married soon. But, the few months won’t give you enough time to try everything. You should know how to pick wisely what will be the best for your wedding. Here are some last minute wedding ideas that you can include in your wedding day to make it extra special and more memorable for your guests:

Floral back drop

This you can make yourself if you want to save money, or you could get it made. If you are making it yourself, Get sheets of oasis foam, these can be bought on eBay. The other option is to you a wall of moss. You will need a lot of flowers to cover the sheet, the good thing about this backdrop is you can use any type of flowers, this process takes a lot of time, but the photos using the backdrop will be amazing!

Bathroom Baskets

These are inexpensive and may save your guests from many mini emergencies, put baskets in both the men’s room and the ladies. Include deodorant, hairspray, mints, rennies , flipflops, Tampons and safety pins. When gone for a long day it’s nice to be able to freshen up. This is a beautiful backup that you can have in your wedding day in case something unfortunate happens. It will surely be a lifesaver.


This is amazing to have for the couple’s entrance, give them to each table along with a box of matches. This can make for a magical atmosphere for the couples entrance. Your wedding will surely look more magical that it ever it. Give these a try to make your wedding more exotic than ever. Sparklers will be a great addition  to your wedding event.

Scratch card/ Lotto ticket

Put a ticket in a little good luck card for each of your guests and hope someone wins big! This is a really great idea if you want your wedding day to be memorable and super fun. The people will surely be looking forward to this. So, enjoy the big day while it lasts and don’t forget to include this idea in it.

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