Great Romantic Cake Toppers for Wedding Cakes in Miami FL

How to Accessorize Your Cake With Toppers?

cakeEven the smallest detail can be a high point in your celebration. This means looking for the perfect topper is also like looking for the perfect cake from all wedding cakes in Miami FL out there. These days the traditional embellishment that towers above your dessert table is anything but ordinary. You can pick one that reflects your personalities, makes a statement, or works with the theme of your event. So to make wedding cakes in Miami FL stand out in elegance and to make it more romantic, here are some ideas for the best topper you can have on your own cake:

Cute Heart Toppers

Planning a wedding should include the picking the right cake. Dress your wedding cake up with these cute hearts, each hand engraved with the words “better” and “together” or it can be customised to any sayings or names of your liking! Also great as photo props, these wooden heart cake toppers are great for a Rustic Chic-themed wedding celebration. You will surely make your guests heart melt with this amazing topper.

Shake it off

Double the fun! You can use some salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers at your wedding, and then at your dinner table forever after. This type of topper is truly romantic and so nice to have in your wedding cake. It is perfect for a casual wedding event to have a topper like this one.

Mr and Mrs Cake Topper

A whimsical wedding cake topper, this “Mr and Mrs” cake topper in black and light pink is both chic and modern. This will certainly add a touch of bespoke elegance to your cake. After your big day, transform this topper into an heirloom treasure by placing it alongside your wedding photo.

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