Find Out More about Bachata Dance before Enrolling in Houston, TX for Wedding Dance Lessons

What is a Bachata Dance?

There are different dance styles that couples could practice months before their wedding day. Ballroom or Latin dances are popular, especially tango, salsa and swing. Practicing ballroom wedding dances in planning a wedding are great opportunities for the couples to spend more time together, and discover something new about each other. Ballroom and Latin dances tend to be intimate, romantic and sensual. This is good, as romance must be displayed when dancing the first wedding dance.

One of the ballroom wedding dance styles that is becoming popular these days is called Bachata dance. It is probably the first time you have heard of such dance style, but it is actually danced widely. This style of dance originally came from the Dominican Republic. The dance moves of Bachata makes it different from other Latin dances, since the hip movements are a huge part. Dancers are expected to move more of their lower body up to the hips.

Dance studios today offer dance lessons for almost every kind of dances, including wedding dances. Of course, you can enroll for wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX. Since this is not a common dance style for many people, but you are interested to dance this on your wedding day, a help from the dance instructor is recommended.

Bachata dance is considered a very sensual dance, but it must not be taken like that. The lead in the dance is mostly responsible in setting the pace of the dance. Dance routines also involve pulling and pushing of hands and arms, but as mentioned earlier, the lower body, like hips and the feet moves a lot. Bachata involves dancing with feelings for the partner. It is believed that the smoother the hips are moved and the more frequent it is used in dancing, it means you have more feelings for each other or for your partner. Some refers to the dance as a ‘mating call.’

As bachata dance got introduced to the world, many styles have developed aside from the original Dominican Republic style. It is still widely dance today in the Caribbean, but much faster because of the fast pace music used. If you prefer to dance the original, you can tell your dance instructor. It is a good dance style because it has been originally created for social dancing, which is appropriate for weddings.

Other styles for wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX that you might want to look into is modern Bachata, ballroom Bachata, and Bachata tango.

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