Exploring the Traditions of Eastern and Indian Weddings in the US

Know More About Indian Weddings

Actually, there is no such thing as a typical Indian wedding. This is because India is a country that has diverse culture and traditions, languages and, wedding customs.

If you happen to be invited in Indian weddings in the US here is an information about different customs observed in both the Eastern and the Western regions of the country.

Eastern Indian weddings are actually not as extravagant as its Western counterpart however, wedding planning is always a part of this beautiful ceremony. However, eastern weddings are as equally impressive in their own unique way. They also use a lot of meaningful ritual that are quite interesting and rooted in ancient traditions and logic. But just like any other forms of events, weddings in an Indian way are also opportunities to get acquainted with one’s long lost relatives and share moments of joy during this happy and memorable occasion.

One striking feature of an eastern Indian wedding, especially in the Bengal region, is that the mother does not attend the wedding ceremony. She simply waits for the bride and the groom to come home and then she will perform the welcoming rituals for the newly-wed couple.

Typically, in easter Indian weddings, the groom is clad in kurta and dhoti while carrying a mirror until the wedding ceremony is over. The bride, however, sits on a low wooden stool, also called as pidi, and is lifted by her brothers. Then she is taken seven times around the room as a symbol of their union.

On the other hand, western Indian weddings usually takes place in the morning. But before the wedding celebration, there is an engagement ceremony in which the families declare the bride and groom’s betrothal. In order for you not to stress out during your wedding planning, you may hire a indian wedding planner and enjoy the rest of your preparation.

In the morning of the wedding day, a puja is conducted as their worship to the God of prosperity. Then the groom’s family comes to the bride’s residence and is offered by a lavish breakfast.

If you happen to witness Indian weddings in the US, you’ll have now the knowledge whether the ceremony originates in either the easter or the western regions of the magnificent country of India.

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