Expert Tips to Remember When Shopping for Loose Diamonds for Wedding in San Diego, CA

Tips to Get Real Loose Diamonds

Planning a wedding is not just about food and venues, you should also take into consideration the jeweley. One of the trends in wedding jewelries today are custom-designed or “built-by-own” pieces of jewelries. But in order to have custom-designed rings or necklaces, you need first to look for loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA. This is because San Diego loose diamonds  are ones used to create the design of the ring or necklace you want.

Loose DiamondsSo if you’re planning to build your own wedding jewelries and you’re still on the process of finding shops that offer loose diamonds, take note of this bunch of tips.

The Carat Range

When buying loose diamonds, you should decide at the outset the carat weight of the diamond that you can afford and prefer. This is because the carat weight has the biggest effect on the final price of diamond stones. Stick to what your budget can afford to buy to narrow down your options.

The Perfect Shape

Next to a diamond’s carat weight, the shape of a diamond is the second determining factor of its price. Thus, it’s best that you figure out what shape of a diamond ring your partner is liking or expecting. Try consulting your partner’s closest relative and friends. Most probably, your partner has mentioned it to one of them.

Popular Shape Choices

By far, round diamonds are the most common popular. Take note, however, that its shape can largely affect the price of loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA. Compared to other shapes, round loose diamonds are the priciest among them.

Polish, Brilliance, and Symmetry

Among other factors that affect the value and price of loose diamonds are their polish, brilliance, and symmetry. The more magnificent the brilliance of a diamond, the more symmetrical they are in appearance, and the more polished they look, the higher their value too. A great piece of loose diamonds has all these three characteristics.

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