Essential Catering Ideas for Wedding in Washington, DC

Substantial Catering Plans

If you are planning on getting married, catering plan is one of the things that matters most to couples.  In the reception, it is the place where guest will spend long hours as they celebrate with the couple.  The caterers will do a lot of task and responsibility in order to feed and entertain the crowd.  What are the things that will be helpful in planning the reception? Read on essential catering ideas for wedding in Washington, DC.

cateringBudget. Always set the budget in all the events.  Estimate the amount that you will be spending for the reception alone. It would be best to organize the food that you will serve like setting an amount for the menus and desserts.  That way, you will be able to control your expenses for the whole wedding.

Seasoned Dishes. It will be a very wise step to serve only seasoned dishes. If you are planning to serve seafood, choose the ingredients that you can see in your locality. Remember, ingredients that are not in season, is very costly.  Also, it is a trend now to serve DIY dishes or do it yourself. Like for coleslaw, you can serve fresh and leafy veggies and let your guest do the mix.

Beverages. For beverages, serve non-alcoholic food. Serve ice tea or fruit punch so that your guest can have an alternatives in their drinks.  However, if you wanted to serve alcoholic beverages, serve only on the first two hours of the party.  You don’t need to serve it in the entire wedding reception or else you will be spending more for beers and wines alone.

Learn more about the essential catering ideas for wedding in Washington, DC as you plan out for your reception.

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