Elements of Indian Wedding Clothes You Must Know

Indian Wedding Clothes Selection Process

Indian ClothesIndian wedding clothes are not your typical bridal gown that you can buy when you visit the nearest bridal boutique. It carries the long standing Indian tradition that has been preserved from one generation to the other. If you will hold Indian wedding, it is a must that you should know what to properly wear on your wedding in order not to offend anyone from the family of your fiancé.

In India, they call their wedding gowns are lehnga choli. This Indian wedding dress is the traditional practice of most Indian communities so whenever there is a bridal ceremony, brides would rush to their nearest boutique for their lehngas. This also comes in different style and color. If you think that Western brides are already fab, wait until you see the color and style of the lehngas; they are really pretty and palette oriented.

In planning a wedding, most Indian weddings are held on summer so it is a must that you consider the comfort element of your dress. As you know, summer is characterized of a very humid weather so choosing light materials really do matter. Most common fabric or lehngas are georgette and chiffon.

Do not underestimate lehngas because like your Western bridal gowns, you could also make variations from them. You can do it by adding or playing on the designs that are heavy on sequins, phulkari, brocade, beads, and many more. The design could really get trendy base on your inspiration. The best way to know if you are doing the right thing is getting an inspiration from Indian wedding magazines. Or, you can simply tap the help of Indian wedding stylist.

These days, even brides in India are experimenting on their dresses in order to adapt to the changing face of the bridal fashion. If you want your lehnga to be different, experiment more on colors.

Finding Indian wedding clothes is one of the most challenging tasks that you need to overcome. If you really have no idea where to go, it is the high time to consult Indian wedding planning and stylist. Asking help will not hurt you at all. After all, this kind of wedding is really very challenging to pull off.

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