Buffet Catering V.S Plated Meal for a Wedding in Indianapolis, IN

Choosing Between Buffet or Plated Meal Catering

In planning a wedding, there is no doubt that you are aware of the two most popular styles of wedding catering in Indianapolis IN which are buffet and plated meal style catering. In this article we will be discussing the two and what the difference is between them, you will then ultimately be making the decision on which style to have present at your wedding day, once you know the difference between the two wedding catering styles in Indianapolis IN you will be able to determine which would be the best one for your special day.

wedding cateringPros of Buffet Catering

There are two main ideas why a buffet will always trump a plated meal. The first one is that they offer more than two main courses. If your planner is not sure about the diet of your guests or if you aren’t either, then having 3 or 4 different main courses present at a buffet table will save you the awkwardness of having guests that cannot eat at all due to the kind of food you served at your wedding. Another is that if you have a lot more guests a buffet will be more adequate since you will need fewer waiters to serve plated meals to each guest.

Pros of Plated Meals

Majority of people would prefer to have food served at their tables instead of them standing up and getting it themselves. Table service gives your guests better conversation moments between each other in their tables and consistent serving times for each of those guests. Most importantly it removes the hassle of getting up and having to wait in a line to get your food.

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