How Brides Should Handle Her Houston, TX Wedding Hair Color

Handling Wedding Hair Color

wedding-hair-color2Most brides on their wedding are walking into a salon with the ambition to have excellent color right after the session. However, there are some who got disappointed because right after the hair has been shampooed and dried, the hair color is too different from what they have imagined.

When getting wedding hair color in Houston, TX, there is an essential protocol that you should follow. There are also protocols that should be followed if ever you are not satisfied with your hair color. After the treatment, please make sure to speak out if you don’t like your hair color. Let the stylist know that the color is not desirable,

If the color becomes brassier and the cut is too short

If you experience these things right after the treatment, there is the need for the fix as soon as possible especially if you have limited time before the wedding date will arrive. According to experts, it is ideal if the salon will take care of the fixes as soon as possible. However, if the salon staffs are busy then you will be advised to come back next time. Most of the time, the issue is being fixed as soon as possible because in the first place it is the salon’s fault, not yours.

For the case of chopping your hair off, make sure that you check ahead how much you are willing to cut. Do not let the stylist simply cut off your hair without telling him or her of the supposed length that you want. Make sure that you are comfortable of the chop off extent of your hair.

One week notice for the hair fix

There are cases wherein the color is altered right after shampooing. If this happens then there is the need to have the color corrected. According to owners of the salon, customers who have experienced the same thing should give notice to the salon ahead of time, preferably within a week. If the notice has been done outside the 1-week rule, you will no longer avail for the free service correction. When choosing colors, please make sure to bear in mind that pastel colors are easily washed out. Natural looking colors like blonde, brunette and red are usually strong colors that are not affected by shampooing.

As a customer, you should know in the first place that unhappy results are usually resulted by a decision caused by being too excited of the hair color without thinking it over. Do not just decide to go platinum blonde pronto.

Each bride has a different personality so it is essential to always match the hair color with the personality. If you need advice with wedding hair color in Houston, TX, make sure to deal with professionals. Consultation and hair test will be done afterwards.

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