3 Most Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues in Tulsa OK

Wedding Venue Guide for Brides

Brides would love to have an unforgettable celebration on their wedding and the planning of wedding venues in Tulsa OK is very important to put into the first base. When you plan your wedding event, the destination always comes first. Where in Tulsa are you going to have your memorable wedding party? However, you must take into consideration the price range of that venue before booking for one.

wedding venueIn today’s era, brides are being more practical when it comes to their wedding budgets. Commodities are becoming super expensive nowadays. It’s better to keep an open mind on how to have affordable wedding venues in Tulsa OK for your wedding event. So, here are 3 of the most inexpensive wedding venues that you can have in Tulsa OK.

Tulsa Garden Center Mansion
Are you looking for an affordable Tulsa wedding party rental? This Garden Center Mansion is the perfect place for you. It’s rental rates range from $250 to $2,500 depending on the size of the room that you will book. It’s simple, beautiful and affordable at the same time. You will surely have the most wonderful
wedding party here.

Linnaeus Teaching Garden
Do you want to have a garden wedding? Linnaeus Teaching Garden is the right place you can have as your wedding venue. It’s very cheap because the rental fee is $800 for six hours. You can also rent a ceremony site for three hours for $400 or just rent the reception venue for six hours for $650. It’s a fascinatingplace for a very low price.

Bartlesville Community Hall
This is a great place to have as a wedding venue. It’s rental ranges from $52 an hour and $87 an hour depending on the time and day of the week. This place might the the place you wanted your wedding to be. It’s huge and has an exquisite catering service.

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