10 Practical Questions to Ask in Choosing The Bell Tower on 34th Street: One of the Best Wedding Venues in Houston, Texas

Question To Ask in Looking for Wedding Venues

In planning, many couples think that the first wedding venue that they see is the best location for their wedding, check here plus.google.com/+thebelltoweron34th/about/. Many brides and grooms commit this mistake because they don’t know or consider several factors in choosing a wedding venue for their wedding.

If you’re now looking for the ultimate wedding venue for your big day, The Bell Tower on 34th Street is one of the best wedding venues in Houston, Texas. If you are looking for a perfect and spacious Houston wedding venue, there is nothing else to compare with the stunning look of The Bell Tower on 34th Street. For more details visit thebelltoweron34th.com/.

You may also check these ten questions that you should ask before booking in any venue.

  1. How does the venue look like? What decorations do they have? See their flooring, lighting, layout and the colors of the wall. Do these decorations fit your wedding’s theme? Will be spending a lot of money for the flowers, linens and other decors
  2. Does the wedding venue offer seasonal facilities like a fireplace on winter or an outdoor garden wedding during the summer season?
  3. Does the venue have adequate coat check? How about their bathroom facilities? Does the location have a special bathroom for people with disabilities? Ask also is they have a special bride room.
  4. Does the wedding venue provide an in-house caterer? What kind of seating arrangements do they have? Is it buffet style, cocktail style or sit-down?
  5. Are linens, chargers and gratuity included in the catering package? Or do you have to pay for these? If the venue does allow outside caterers, do they have certain limitations on how much facilities the outside caterers can bring and use?
  6. Is there enough parking space for all your guests? How close is the parking place to the wedding ceremony area and the reception halls?
  7. Is the place accessible by wheelchair? Remember that you might have guests in wheelchair, so it’s best to make sure that a place is also good for them.
  8. Does the wedding venue allow access the night before the wedding? This is important in case you want to decorate or prepare the place before your big day.
  9. Does the venue offer a place for the DJ, band or dancers? The Bell Tower on 34th Street is one of the best venue, for its offer spacious halls and reception rooms for all your guests.
  10. Lastly, how is the payment done? Can it be staggered or one-time payment only?

The Bell Tower on 34th
901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018
(713) 868-2355

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